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To do or Not to do

That is the question

The Do's

• Always perform a patch test on the inside of your arm (leaving the HAIR FREE on for up to 20 minutes) to check for any reactions (allergic or otherwise).
• Ensure that all forms of creams, lotions and make-up have been properly removed and that your skin is clean and dry before applying HAIR FREE.
• Apply a visible amount of HAIR FREE evenly on the treatment area (skin) and do not rub or massage it in.
• Only apply HAIR FREE when you have hair growth of 2mm or more present (HAIR FREE uses the hair shaft as a conduit to deliver the Active Ingredient to the root).
• Diligently wash your hands after every HAIR FREE application.
• Use the scraper provided to remove any excess HAIR FREE cream before cleaning the treated area with a warm damp cloth. Remember to also clean the cloth after you are done with it.
• Wait 7 Days before your next HAIR FREE application.
• Use the HAIR FREE Soothing Aftercare Gel with Growth Inhibitor daily for aftercare and to enhance the effectiveness of your treatments.
• Wait a minimum of 10 minutes after applying the HAIR FREE Soothing Aftercare Gel before applying any make-up, lotions, sunscreen etc.
• Use HAIR FREE on the external parts of your intimate areas.

And Don'ts

• DON’T wax, shave or remove hair with a surface hair remover or a laser/IPL within 7 Days of applying HAIR FREE. Doing so could cause contact dermatitis or sensitive skin, only use HAIR FREE 7 Days before or after waxing, shaving or removing hair using a surface hair remover or a laser/IPL.
• DON’T rub or massage the HAIR FREE cream into the treatment area (excluding the Soothing Aftercare Gel).
• DON’T touch your lashes, eyebrows or other body parts while you are using HAIR FREE, this could inhibit hair growth in unwanted areas.
• DON’T leave HAIR FREE on your skin for more than 15 minutes unless you are under instruction and supervision of a trained somatologist.
• DON’T use HAIR FREE if you suffer from or experience a skin rash, sunburn, inflamed or broken skin.
• DON’T use HAIR FREE on medical skin conditions like Psoriasis, Contact Dermatitis, Impetigo, Skin Cancer, Eczema or Rosacea.
• DON’T apply any cosmeceuticals within 48 hours of a HAIR FREE application (excluding the Soothing Aftercare Gel).
• DON’T apply any cosmetics within 12 hours of a HAIR FREE application.
• DON’T use HAIR FREE near your eyes or eyebrows, inside the nose or vaginal opening (mucus membranes) or on the scalp.
• DON’T repeat a HAIR FREE application within 7 Days from the last application (excluding the Soothing Aftercare Gel).