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What to do!

Make sure the treatment area is dry and clear of any surface oils, creams, lotions and/or serums. This is to allow for optimum penetration of HAIR FREE and to prevent another product counteracting the treatment.

Take special care to ensure a healthy pH Balance/Barrier of the treatment area (especially the facial region). An unhealthy pH Balance/Barrier can lead to sensitivity and/or irritation of the treatment area which can lead to a breakout or rash when using HAIR FREE.

Apply a visible amount of HAIR FREE evenly on the treatment area (skin) and do not rub or massage it in.

Be mindful not to touch your lashes, eyebrows or other body parts while you are applying HAIR FREE, this could inhibit hair growth in unwanted areas.

Depending on the treatment area, HAIR FREE needs at least 5 minutes for the active ingredient to penetrate sufficiently.

Do not leave HAIR FREE on the treatment area for longer than 15 minutes unless under instruction and supervision of a trained Somatologist.

After HAIR FREE has been applied and left for the desired time period, use the scraper provided to remove any excess cream before cleaning the treated area with a warm damp cloth. Remember to also clean the cloth after you are done with it.

Diligently wash your hands after every HAIR FREE application.

Wait at least 10 minutes for the treatment area to dry before applying the HAIR FREE Soothing Aftercare Gel (with Growth Inhibitor) by gently massaging it in a circular motion. Continue applying the HAIR FREE Soothing Aftercare Gel (with Growth Inhibitor) daily on the intended treatment area.

TAKE NOTE: The HAIR FREE Soothing Aftercare Gel not only soothes the skin but also reinforces the hair reduction treatment and is only intended to be used on the desired treatment area and not for general aftercare.

If you must shave after application, we strongly suggest applying HAIR FREE in the evening and shaving the next morning.