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The Frequently Asked Questions

No, HAIR FREE does contain an ingredient which can dissolve some surface hair but that is not the purpose.

Each person’s hair growth cycle is different with genetics playing a key role; refer to the Hair Growth Cycle section of the HAIR FREE manual for a general guide.

Yes, HAIR FREE is suitable for all skin types with no recorded cases of any pigmentation.

Yes, however you have to wait for at least 12 hours after your HAIR FREE application before applying any creams, cosmetics or shaving creams and 48 hours before applying any cosmeceuticals.

Generally No, however some users may experience a tingling or warm sensation when the product is applied which should subside within a few minutes of HAIR FREE being wiped of the skin. Certain medication and/or medical treatments can also cause sensitivity or even hyper sensitivity of the skin which may lead to discomfort when using HAIR FREE (ex. Roaccutane, Cancer Treatments, Cortisone, Heart Medication or Ibuprofen)

The key areas to exercise special caution when using HAIR FREE are the genitalia, eyes, nipples, scalp and any mucous membranes. HAIR FREE can be used inside the vaginal lips if you first apply a barrier of Petroleum Jelly to protect the vaginal membrane. DO NOT use HAIR FREE on the scalp, nipples, vaginal membrane, anus, penis, eyebrows, lashes or any mucous membranes.

Yes, HAIR FREE works on all kinds of hair with no limitations.

Yes, however certain medication and therapies will affect your HAIR FREE results (ex. Hormone Medication, Thyroid Medication, Mood Stabilisers, Steroids, Hormone Replacement Therapy or Testosterone Therapy).

Yes, however it should only be done 7 days prior or post your HAIR FREE application.