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Proud Supplier of Hair Free, OA Skin and Fotona Lasers
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OA Skin Enhance 250

•    Powerful Disinfectant

•    Non-Cytotoxic, Non-carcinogenic, Non-Mutagenic, Non-Neurotoxic

•    Rebalances skin pH

•    Unblock Pores

•    Stimulates Collagen Production

•    Suitable for All Skin Types

•    Fades Age Spots & Marks

•    Reduces Oiliness

•    Calms Inflammation (neutralizes pro-inflammatory cytokines & chemokines)

•    Acne & Breakouts

•    Eczema & Psoriasis

•    Normalizes Melanocyte Function

•    Strong Anti-Pruritic Effect (anti-itch)

•    Simple Spray Application

•    18 month Shelf Life (unopened & stored correctly)

•    Available in 100ml only

Daily Rejuvination

Rebalances skin ph

Boosts collagen production

Improves skin texture

Fades marks and age spots

Reinvigorates skin health

Suitable for all skin types

Acne & Breakouts

Unblocks pores

Reduces oiliness

Calms inflammation

Destroys bacteria on contact

Easy Spray-on application

No Residue