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Proud Supplier of Hair Free, OA Skin and Fotona Lasers
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Enhance Pro 350

•    Powerful Disinfectant

•    Non-Cytotoxic, Non-carcinogenic, Non-Mutagenic, Non-Neurotoxic

•    Rebalances skin pH

•    Stimulates Collagen Production

•    Prevents Complications (Infection, Pigmentation Scarring)

•    Reduces Pain, Swelling & Redness

•    Calms Inflammation (neutralizes pro-inflammatory cytokines & chemokines)

•    Suitable for All Skin Types

•    Makes Darker Skin Types (IV – VI) eligible for Skin Manipulation

•    Enhances wound healing

•    Reduces Downtime (50% – 60%)

•    Enhances results (Laser, IPL, Needling, Peels, Facials, Tattoo Procedures…)

•    Cut, Burn & General Wound Care

•    Severe Breakouts & Rashes

•    Simple Spray Application

•    18 month Shelf Life (unopened & stored correctly)

•    Available in 100ml & 500ml


Laser & IPL Procedures

DERMA-Rolling & MICRO-Needling

TATTOO Procedures & removals

Microdermabrasion & waxing

Chemical peels & vampire facials

Rashes & severe breakouts

Cut, burn and general wound care

Powerful disinfectant


Wounds & Scars

Reduces downtime

Reduces pain, swelling & redness

Stimulates & enhances wound healing

Powerful anti-inflammatory

Effectively prevents infection

Destroys Biofilm secreted by bacteria

Suitable for all skin types