What our clients have to say about Hair Free

I’m amazed it’s cleared the dark hair on my cheeks Customer: M.C from Boise

It’s the best product I’ve found so far for hair removal Customer: B.K from Baltimore

Your product worked great on my legs. Thank you! Customer: G.C from Toronto

This has reduced my beard hair very successfully Customer: A.B from Dubai, UAE

I am really happy you introduced me to your product, I am really impressed with it.

I have been using it since the beginning of January 2018, and can honestly say there is a 40% reduction in my hair growth.

I think you should suggest using the gel after the intimate application as it really slows down the hair re-growth process.

Rhona-Lee Carnie

After only 4 applications there is such a huge difference in regrowth. I can absolutely recommend this product. It literally is laser in a bottle. Love the product and highly recommend it to everyone. After 8 applications – hair free.

Liesel du Preez

TO This is amazing, love the people, and my hair is slowly but surely getting less and less. Diimii Cadaver

After only one tube, I found a significant decrease in regrowth. And after 3 months, still no regrowth! Pain free, effortless and effective, magic in a tube! Thank you Skin HD for supplying this truly remarkable product. Jana Carina Wassermann